What are the full capabilities?
  1. Prospects call a recruiting line advertised through your mediums of choice.
  2. They are put through a carefully designed IVR.
    (Internet Voice Response Survey)
  3. The IVR results are stored in SQL with an easy to use
    graphical user interface.
  4. You listen to how they sound while on the phone
    including an unprepared sales pitch
  5. After listening to the respondents you disposition
    them as Good, Maybe, and other skilled.
  6. You set up predefined interview dates and times
    select the people you wish to interview with a single
    mouse click.
  7. A CSV file is generated to be uploaded to our outbound
  8. The prospects are called and prompted to select open
    interview dates and times.
  9. Once they have scheduled themselves a confirmation email
    is sent to you as well as the prospect.
  10. Determining who you will be interviewing and when is
    easy with our schedule search feature.
  11. Pick any day from your predfined interview dates
    initiate a search for that date and all your appointments
    are presented to you.
  12. Any prospect that you decide to hire continues to be
    managed through Call Center Staffer.
  13. Simply populate the start date for that persons record
    and you now have an easy way to determine who is starting when.
  14. Initial HR docs can be automated as well for any new
    employee that has an email address.
  15. Documents like maps to find call center, dress codes,
    break times, break areas, etc. can all be automated through
    one interface.